Monday, February 21, 2011

Subtle Factors of a Global Revolution: From Athens to Cairo to Madison and Beyond

As someone who has long been involved with revolutionary politics, I find the insurrectionary activities that are currently manifesting around the world to be quite heartening.  Have no doubt that the hour is getting late in terms of turning back the tides of environmental degradation, industrial warfare, and the authoritarian subjectification of populations around across globe.  Nevertheless, if only for matters of dignity, it will never be too late to take a stand against the oppressive and destructive forces which are laying waste to the world.  The intention of this article is to analyze modern revolutionary tendencies and their potential for bringing about fundamental changes to society.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Brief Comment on The Protest In Wisconsin: General Strike or Get Off The Walker!

The biggest American labor protest in years is currently taking place in Madison Wisconsin.  Although it would undoubtedly be getting more coverage if it were another inane Tea Party rally, the mainstream media is starting to cover the event which has already seen a second day of protest (with 13,000 protesters at the Capitol building on Wednesday the 16th) to coincide with a strike by the local teachers union (which shut down the local school district).  People are camping at the Capitol tonight and Thursday is certain to see large numbers out protesting again.  The new Governor, Scott Walker, has already threatened to call in the National Guard to quell any potential disturbance to business as usual.