Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chris Hedges advocates monkeywrenching?!

I stand by my criticism of Hedges for a previous article he wrote, but I've always been a fan of his work. And this time I think he's managed to hit one out of the park with his most recent Op-Ed for Truthdig: Power and the Tiny Acts of Rebellion.

At the very least, this article will make you think. And if more prominent lefties start moving in a more radical direction like Hedges has... human beings might not wipe themselves out after all.

He offers a somber and sobering look at humanity's current situation and he calls for acts of resistance to take place for the sake of personal dignity and a sense of self-respect -- if nothing else. He's not terribly explicit with his calls for sabotage in the closing paragraph, but it does seem to subtly appear in the text -- and that's a rarity for this time and place (as most prominent academics and journalists are only covering their own asses and trying to make a buck). Check the article out and see what you think he's getting at. It seems fairly obvious and quite aggressive to me.

Kudos to Chris Hedges for another excellent piece!