Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and the Middle Eastern Uprisings

In an article I wrote last December, before the uprisings began in the Mid-East, I speculated that the revelations of the diplomatic cables (released by Wikileaks) might spur uprisings in that region.  I know of no one else who was publicly speculating along those lines at the time.

Since then, the Middle-Eastern uprisings have come to pass and continue to sweep through the region... and Julian Assange himself, along with Amnesty International, has credited the Cablegate leaks with spurring the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, and beyond.  So... please forgive me if I once again draw attention to my earlier speculation (now that its prescience has been proven and its subject has been accepted as a factor, in hindsight, by reputable parties).  I am not a paid analyst.  No publication has offered me any sort of a contract or given me any pay -- I don't even receive uncompensated editorial offers. And, so, please forgive me if I sometimes feel a bit obliged to draw attention to my own marginal writings.  I don't pretend that everything comes to pass just as I call it, but I'm pretty close sometimes -- and I think my analysis is at least as worthy as anything you might get from the talking heads on cable news.

Anyway... below is a video in which Julian Assange credits Wikileaks for playing a major role in the Middle Eastern uprisings and, below that, you will also see another interesting interview with Assange.  Wikileaks continues to be of profound importance, with repercussions yet to revealed.  I think both of the following videos are quite important if you really wish to understand the machinations of current geo-political events.

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