Tuesday, September 01, 2009

G-20 Protest Links (will be updated regularly)

Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire by Chris Hedges

While some might take issue with the lack of gender neutrality in the title of the article above (and many might take issue with the idea of Amerika being "their" empire), this is probably the type of populist message (by a fairly well-known author) that will inspire people to get involved at some level. Also... I've posted the first comment on the OpEdNews version of this article as well as on the Digg page (if you're at all interested in my take on this protest). The main thing is to spread the word and not let the corporate media define this protest. Linking to this post/blog will greatly assist, more than you may know, in helping people find this information.

And if Hedges isn't a big enough name for you, here's Howard Zinn talking about the counter-summit which will be taking place in coordination with the protest:

While I can not speak for the legitimacy of any group, the Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) seems to be doing a lot of basic organizing work and has updates a bout protest specifics. POG, in turn, recommends checking out T he Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project "For information about the G20 mobilization, calls to action, housing, schedule of events, and other logisitical information." They have a bunch of fliers and other things on their site to support & promote the protest.

The G-20 Protest Blog For Global Revolution makes the case for an international general strike. As this protest is likely to see concurrent actions around the world... this does not seem out of the question (if people put in the time and effort to make it happen).

I'll try to keep this post updated with the best new links through the protest and you can also follow me on my Twitter page which will inevitably be featuring a lot of content about the G-20 and the protest in the coming days ahead. Stay tuned!

Update (9/04/09)

Protect Civil Liberties - Defend Right To Protest The G20 Meeting in Pittsburgh

Speakers decry G-20 protest rules

A Global Week of Solidarity with the Unemployed

Update (9/05/09)

Why and how I oppose the G-20

London activists demand action at protest against failed G20 policies

Green Party of Pennsylvania to protest G-20

Update (9/14/09)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday Forum: There are plenty of reasons to protest the G-20

Update (9/17/09)

Why & How to Confront the G20 in Pittsburgh by CrimethInc.

Update (9/19/09)

Anarchist Armada Will Rendezvous In Pittsburgh from Anarchist News Dot Org

I thought this corporate media take on the protest deserved to be balanced by this Derrick Jensen Video: Star Wars - The Environmentalists Version

Update (9/23/09)
Greenpeace dropped a banner:

Twitter is all atwitter with the #g20 & my own page: NihiloZero @ Twitter

Update (9/23/09)
Incredible MUST SEE video commentary about the police handling of the protest surrounding the G-20 Summit and their treatment of journalists covering that event. These interviews with a number of journalists speak for themselves. The police were out of control and the violation of rights in Pittsburgh is being completely ignored by the mainstream corporate media. The following video expresses one of the most cogent and important statements on the subject. You may or may not find the statements in the following video very shocking, but you will probably find them to be just a wee bit disturbing.

Independant Journalists Speak Out About G-20 Suppression (VIDEO)

I don't know if you will find better commentary on the protest than from the interviews above, but AnarchistNews.org has had some lively discussion about the protest. Some of the absolute best coverage and commentary was feature at OpEdNews. In particular, this article:

G20 Pbgh; Police State Ghost-Town; Pics and Video of Tear-gassing

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