Saturday, September 05, 2009

Why and how I oppose the G-20

As they ride in limousines from their mansions to sip champagne with the other aristocratic oligarchs, I don't feel that the G-20 leaders really understand or care about the state of the world or the people in it. It is my contention that they believe their opulence and power is well deserved – despite the wars they orchestrate and the suffering they intentionally allow to continue. Hundreds of millions go hungry each day around the globe and the G-20 ministers facilitate the policies which allow that so that they may maintain the status quo of their power. They are the modern day ladies and lords of the kingdom and they rule over others as if they were serfs or slaves (which for all practical matters they are).

Even if they were benevolent, which they are not by any means, their concentrated power would be dangerous and illegitimate. They serve themselves and the 1% of the population which owns 40% of the worlds assets (while others are confined to poverty and more are driven into it each day [in 2000 the bottom 50% of the world's adult population owned barely 1% of the world's wealth]). The G-20 leaders preside over an unprecedented ecological collapse while propping up destructive industries and pretending to be saviors each time they are forced to enact some token reform. They perpetuate an economic system which should properly be called fascism (corporate socialism) and destroy large numbers of people along with the environment.

Of course, not every instance of every type of problem is directly caused by the G-20 Central Bank Governors & International Finance Ministers, but when the U.S. government bailed out the international banks (to the tune of $Trillions), this was a direct handout of of taxpayer dollars to to the elite corporate bankers -- with hardly any strings attached. It was a plain robbery of the taxpaying masses. If this money had been given in the name of the people, it would have been (more or less) socialist. However, since this money was given directly to multi-national corporate banks... it amounts to corporate socialism (fascism).

By the essential definition, and in many other noteworthy ways, the G-20 group of Central Bank Governors & Finance Ministers (along with the leaders of their respective nations) are fascists. This, of course, will be denied by the leaders themselves and the masses over whom they rule, but a fascist by any other name smells as sweet (if it walks like a duck [to mix a metaphor]).

The fact that most of the masses do not recognize the the type of organization which governs their lives, or the fact that they don't really care, is only a testament to the cultural indoctrination and perfection of propaganda techniques these oligarchs have utilized. They've come a long way since Goebbels and Trotsky. And those who do recognize the fascism are marginalized and generally powerless. This is a testament to the international surveillance society which Orwell's Big Brother could have only dreamed of (email is much more efficient than the memory hole).

Nevertheless, large masses of determined people around the globe oppose the G-20 oligarchs. The recognized inhumanity of the fascistic national leaders unites those of every nation who value peace and freedom. The common masses around the globe have a common enemy in the G-20 oligarchs. There is no need to search for some secret cabal – the villains of our age flaunt their power and celebrate their diabolical successes publicly. They have yet to face the growing resistance.

But have no doubt... with each drone missile that kills scores of civilians, with each member of the bourgeoisie who finds theirself bankrupt and foreclosed upon, with each new river that can no longer support aquatic life, with each child who dies of starvation, the resistance grows. And despite how deadly toxic much of the technology created by this system is, we suddenly (and perhaps fleetingly) have the mass communication tools at our disposal to quickly organize against the fascist G-20 oligarchs. We may not yet have the numbers to throw off our oppressors, but we must act now to draw attention to the issues and to inspire others to act. And we should not underestimate our ability to quickly rally the disenfranchised into action.

One of our strengths is abundance of options available in ways protest (boycotts, strikes, cyber-protests, et cetera). But taking to the streets in large public demonstrations is essential (however, you will not necessarily have to be in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on September 24-25 to protest). Solidarity protests will take place during the G-20 Summit in cities around the world and it is important for everyone who opposes the fascist tyranny to organize locally in that effort. And we really need some people to organize tirelessly if we want to make this protest a success – it is essential that you spread the word about this protest, in simple populist terms, through all forms of media (from radio talk shows and editorials to blogs and twitter).

Ambitiously, but also perhaps most simply, the most effective form of protest can take place in the form of a general strike. Whether overtly or subtly, people can call in sick from work (with the swine flu) and withdraw their participation in the system at large (since the oligarchs are the ones who inevitably end up profiting the most from your labor). We can also withdraw our financial support from the institutions which the oligarchs profit from most directly (and towards which they show so much favor [in the form of bailouts]). These institutions are getting trillions of dollars in corporate welfare (at the expense of the common taxpayer) and deserve to face a complete withdrawal of public support.

The choice of whether or not to ignore this protest, and the issues surrounding it, is up to you. But have no doubt... we will all have to face the reality of these issues sooner or later. I urge you to use your creativity and to get involved with spreading the word about this protest. This is the revolution, a revolt at very least, and we are the revolutionaries – now is the time to act.

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Hari Batti said...

Mr. Zero,

You sound like an interesting fellow. I read the better half of your last two posts. I agree with much of what you say. I'm in New Delhi. I think that what the West has done to our climate amounts to a crime against humanity. The Indian government is not beyond reproach, of course.

I'll visit again.Love to have you stop by the Green Light Dhaba. You will agree with much of what you read there; not everything.